Tagruato Updated

Clues posts the rundown in Unfiction here. Note he catches the not so obvious change to the Investor Publications. As for the obvious updates, the 4 new Headlines are:

Smilers! at the Fish Market!

When fish gutter Yukawa Heisuke went into work this morning, the last thing he was expecting was a mouthful of delicious Slusho!. In their latest show of public support, the Slusho! Smilers hit the docks, bearing copious amounts of Slusho! brand happy drinks. Each worker at Mishima's Marina, an isolated yet bustling fishing center on the coast of Ryukyu, was rewarded for their hard work with unlimited Slusho! brand drink combinations.

Smiler! Yagi beamed, "Mishima's workers known for fishy smell; but today, they will smell of sweetness!" After passing out 6 Slusho! drinks to all, they quickly emptied out Mishima's largest fish tank and filled it with Banana Anime. In a matter of seconds, workers were splashing and laughing, taking a much deserved Slusho! bath.

And the excitement soared when Dock Captain Tanaka Jokichi threw some fish back into the tank. Amid the squealing and giggling of his crew, he noted "In my 23 years, I've not seen Yellowtail ever swim so swiftly." Within moments, the fish were leaping into the air joyously, tails flipping. Added an impressed Tanaka, "Yellowtail never jump before! This Slusho! makes all creatures overflow with happy!" He then did his best Yellowtail impression for the Smilers!, swimming wide-mouthed and gulping down all he could.

The event is the latest in a string of public outreach showings featuring the Slusho! Smilers, a friendly arm of the Tagruato Cares Foundation. Said Smiler! Niwa, "They drank Slusho! with same excitement as their first fishing catch. To be part of such a day is pay enough."
Company Picnic Packs Them In!

Over 500 thirsty employees showed up, with families by their side, to partake in the happy festivities and yummy tastes at the 5th annual Tagruato Company Picnic! The event, held at newly opened Slusho! Field in Yamato, set a watermark for the company, eclipsing last year's attendance by more than double. Company spokeswoman Suzume Soga accredited the success to the "unlimited Slusho! happy drink" that was offered to all in attendance. Adding, "This crowd is a testament to the rapid growth and expansion of this employee-friendly company".

It was indeed a true showing of Tagruato's growing strength. In front of a packed field of workers, all waiving their Slusho! cups in the air, Tagurato CEO Ganu Yoshida exclaimed, "To see all of you here together makes my heart filled with sunshine!"

The picnic also served as the inaugural event at the newly opened Slusho! Field. Unveiled to the public in December 2007, the field is part of a newly renovated park area donated to the city by Tagruato-another welcome addition to the Tagruato Cares Foundation's growing portfolio of conservation efforts. The park also features two baseball fields, a playground, and a Slusho!-themed recreation center.

And it was indeed a happy day for Jimmu Station floor supervisor Aneha Nobuo, who took home top honors at the picnic's highly-anticipated Bake Off. Amid fierce competition, Aneha's delectable "Upside-Down Pineapple Cake" won her 1st prize. Said long-time Bake Off Judge Suzuki Isoroku, "Her tasty cake will turn any frown face right into a smile one!" And the prize-a year's supply of Slusho! for her and her family-could not have made Aneha more happy. As her 5 excited children joyously hopped up and down, she screamed, "Each day is now a happy Slusho! time!"
ParafFun Wax Museum Unveiled!

Today, the Tagruato Cares Foundation unveiled its newest and most star-powered venture to date. In front of a lobby full of eager fans and employees, Tagruato CEO Ganu Yoshida revealed the ParafFun Wax Museum.

The Museum is packed with life-sized models of people and characters significant to Japanese culture, from past Emperors to modern celebrities. It stands on the foundation of the iconic Saitama Historical Center, which the Tagruato Cares Foundation generously acquired and renovated with the promise of keeping it a center of cultural learning and education.

Before cutting the red ribbon, Ganu Yoshida smiled, oversized scissors in hand, "In here, you will see people in a way never before seen!"

Ganu then lead the group on a guided tour through the museum, cameras flashing the whole way. The tour concluded at the large "Tagruato to the Future" exhibit, which displayed wax sculptures of Slusho! flavors and other key Tagruato trailblazers. When Ganu finally saw the life-sized sculpture of himself, he blushed slightly, grinning, "I think I look better in wax".

Each sculpture, made entirely of 100% ParafFun wax, was handcrafted by skilled artists personally selected by Ganu. Said lead sculptor, Tojo Kanji, "To accomplish such wax art for Tagruato makes a dream fulfilled. I will now die a much satisfied man." He bowed to overwhelming cheers and hollering from the crowd as Ganu shook his hand heartily.

This is the third such Museum of its kind erected by the Tagruato Cares Foundation, with museums in five more major cities planned. All proceeds from the Wax Museum will go directly back into the Foundation, an entity solely dedicated to the charitable trust of mankind.
Suinin Station Wins Green Award

The Suinin Station will be hauling in much more than barrels of petroleum this year. The station, which has been heralded as both a trailblazer for technological advancement as well as the highest grossing in Tagruato’s history, has been unanimously chosen by the Japanese Conservationist Society (JCS) for their prestigious Green Award. This award is the highest honor possible for a commercial extractor.

The JCS, comprised of an independent group of environmentalists, scientists, and conservationists, pick one Japanese facility each year that demonstrates "intuition in company practices and a sound devotion to ecological preservation."

JCS President Midori Yoshiaki put a friendly arm around Tagruato CEO Ganu Yoshida, saying "Tagruato has continued to show the world what it means to put conservation first, and the bottom line second. Their groundbreaking practices and generous donations serve as a shining beacon of eco-friendly commerce."

Said an exuberant Yoshida, "We have made great strides to ensure the protection and longevity of all creatures on this planet, no matter how big or small. To receive this honor is a huge step for Tagruato." After posing for a picture with the Green Award, he smiled "I must note, it is not us that deserves this award, but this great Earth in which lies our future."

The award comes on the heels of several such honors for Yoshida, whose prolific vision and guidance has transformed Tagruato from a tarnished, bankrupt company into a global powerhouse.