Russian Newscast

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Celebration of the New Year distracted the society from the accident in the Atlantic Ocean which happened in the end of the past year. A huge drilling platform also known as the Chuai station collapsed into the ocean and sank to the bottom in several hours. The platform located in hunderds of kilometres from the american coast belonged to the japanese corporation Tagruato. At the moment the amount of people on the place of the accident is unknown. This video was got by news agencies from an anonymous source. Experts will have to investigate what exactly this footage shows. But now we know for sure that the collapse of the platform is not a result of enviromental cataclysm. Some moments of the video show that there was skirmish. All parties releated to the incident prefer to keep silence. We may only guess what happened there.

Some informational sources say that at the current moment there are ships of US coastguard but there is not official confirmation on that from the coastguard representatives.

This is the second video shot afterwards. The people on the video might be the only survivors of the catastrophe.
This story has an important aspect for Russia. The Tagruato corporation has 3 drilling platforms in Russia: the Suizei station in the Okhotskoe sea, Kosho in the Chukotskoe sea, and Koan in the East-Siberian sea. The most of the crew on them are russians. Are they safe from such kinds of incidents? We may only guess who could profit from such kind of attack and hope that interests of mysterious criminals won't be applied to russian assets.

Alexander Vasiliev for RNNS.