A Real Review Of Cloverfield & Last Post

I've been struggling with how to review Cloverfield. I think my issue with a "review" is that it is less a movie than another piece of the Cloverfield universe (read: I'm in too deep). As another piece of the puzzle I give it high marks. But, if you're into that, you've already seen it. And if you haven't seen it, or you're not into that, you're not reading this blog. Still, I will be telling people to see Cloverfield if only so they can decide for themselves whether to love or hate it--and in the process reward Hollywood risk-takers (which is reason enough).

TAGRUATOMy actions, however, are the real testament to my opinion of Cloverfield. When I started this blog I saw 1-18-08 as this blog's expiration date, and the expiration date of my contribution to the movie's viral marketing. I was even comforted by the idea that I could focus on bigger and better things come February 2008. But Cloverfield has changed that. Cloverfield--or rather, the myth and mystery of the creature--has become that bigger and better thing. In that respect, Bad Robot nailed it.

That is why I've decided to move up rather than move on. Between now and the sequel (or sidequel), threequel, etc., I'll be blogging all about "it" at Tagruato.