Japanese Newscast

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December the 27th, this was the situation on the Chuai maritime platform(?)
This shocking scene of a group of 3-4 people at the moment of an attack was caught on a mobile phone camera.

This full details about this event have not come in, the (condition is at a standstill?) but, from a helicopter (news liaison?) person filmed it breaking and falling into the sea. 2 Japanese people from Tagruato and 5 people of unidentified nationality are missing (location unknown).

Today is the first time the (news liaison?) event has come to light.

I think it's saying that the people on the boat are unknown, but in these images the Tagruato logo is visible on group of armed men's clothing.
Something about (they) are unknown, or something about them is unknown.
At the end of the video, the lifeboat is fired upon by missiles but no word has been heard from them

The spokesman is just saying that there is no loss of life and the channel is reporting to have received this late.
The families of the missing Japanese people have been notified, etc. The spokesman is saying that this is a difficult situation and that the environmentalist group TIDOWave is known to have been close to the scene (doesn't say on the scene)

The bit about the tanker is hard for me as it has the English from the tanker in the background which makes it hard to pick out the two languages.

It seems to be saying that at the present time it seems that this could be relation to a losing contact with a tanker on it's return to Norway from New York (or may be the other way round)