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"Environmental disaster in the Atlantic ocean."

The Chuai station, the petrol platform of the Japan's technological colossus Tagruato, would be exploded on December 27th in a mysterious way.

Only today, after a week, there are some info/news about the fact, even if the whole thing remains behind a curtain of mystery.

The images which are you watching, have been made during the disaster and the causes of the accident remains unknown.

The Tagruato, in a official note gave to the Japanese media, talks about an accident happened to a company's platform and point the finger against the eco-terrorist group TIDO, that in the past would have already made some damages on the platform.

But a curtain of mystery seems to cover the event: some international media are showing images made probably with a cell-phone by a Tagruato worker.
You can see men with white and red clothes which are running away from something that we can't understand what it is.

From some American sources, it seems that at the moment of the disaster , the seismographers of the East-coast have recorded big and strange signals.
This confirms that something unknown could be the cause of the disaster.

On the Tagruato press note we can also read that the workers of the platform are all saved and alive.

This is only the last bad thing that happened to this Tagruato's platform: in fact the platform have been alway the target of various eco-groups.

Now, the work to understand what caused the end of the platform, will be really hard for the detectives."