German Newscast

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About 1300 km from the coast of New York 3 days ago a drilling did sink for unknown reasons. recently we got dramatic pictures from the collapse of the platform by international news agencies. (man screams stuff i can't understand) The videos show the sinking of Inexplicable reasons which is also for experts hard to understand. at the moment of the disaster 355 workers were on board. the Chuai platform was opened in September 2007 and is one of the biggest drilling in the world. It is operated by the big Japanese company Tagruato which has it's headquarters in Tokyo. The high advanced drilling system was planned by the company Zwichau Engineering in Leipzig (Leipzig is an East-German town) under the leadership of the graduated engineer Dominik Möltken. we asked him if the collapse could be caused by a construction mistake. Dominik Möltken:"from structural reasons there are no evidences that a failure of the basic structure or of one of the security systems could cause such a catastrophe. this is just impossible. this is physically not possible."

Although the videos are of very poor quality it seems as you can notice a gun fire from the platform. In the past, Tagruato was already accused to have a big private army and experts investigate. At the moment if the escape-behavior of the crew is caused by a para-military attack.

Actual news report that people were killed, but Tagruato's spokesman denies that. Yet it is unclear if Germans were on board.