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New informations on the Chuai station, the platform that sinked last Friday off the shores of NY. Images where obtained this morning at the redaction office, but we can't identify the source.


So you can see it. The images are bad and there is panic. then we can see an armed commando. And look carefully on the shoulder off the armed men, you can see the Tagruato's logo.

A spokeman confirmed that an incident occured, explosions happened on chuai, but there is no wounded person, he stated. He then accuse tido activists to be at the origin of the catastrophe. After seeing the video, the spokeman stated that 7 person are missing, but deny that those images where taken on Chuai.

The activists accused by Tagruato, belongs to an ecologic radical organization from France. We must say that interrogations are formulated against the giant mining corporation in the US. Some associations have filed legal procedures to obtain cessation of mining activity on Chuai.

Mme Leclerc's part.

The situation is unbearable for the families. Listen to the mother of a young engineer that worked on the platform. She does not have any news from her son. " I don't know what hapenned, I don't know anything, I'm not alone in this situation. Having no news of your child is unbearable. No one informing us, I don't know if he's alive, if he's lost or if we are looking for him. The media have nothing to say about this. I don't know, it's total blackout here."

Many questions remains to be answered. Tagruato have opened an internal investigation on the drama, but we have no details since the group refuse to communicate further to the press. We are ignoring if there are victims, Tagruato speak of seven persons lost, we remind you that 355 persons worked on chuai, some of them have been evacuated but how many we don't know.

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