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Presenter: 1300 kilometres off the coast of New York 3 days ago , unknown reason, oil rig (the chuai station) was destroyed.

we just received these recordings showing the event in progress from several international news stations.

the videos do not show any reason why this could have happened. even the experts have no idea. at the time of the catastrophe 355 workers were on the station.

the chuai station was opened in September 2007 and is one of the biggest oil rigs in the whole world. the station is run by the japanese business "tagruato" with their offices in tokyo (duh!). the highly technological advanced station was developed by the firm "Zwichau Engineering" from Leipzig (germany) under the leadership of diploma engineer Dominik Möltgen. We asked him if there was any chance something like this could have happened due to a technical construction error.

Dominik Möltgen: looking at the construction from a structural point of view there is no way such a catastrophe could have happened. there is no question..something like that is "physically impossible!

Presenter: though the videos are of very poor quality it seems like there is gunfire coming from the stations platform.

tagruato has been accused before of building and maintaining a "private army". at this moment experts are researching whether or not the chaotic escape of some of the employees can be linked to a paramilitary attack of some sort.

several reports indicated human casualties, however tagruato's official spokesmen denied any losses.

it is unclear if there were Germans involved in the tragedy.