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Synopsis: Jamie, in a bit of a snit, calls Tagruato and asks for Teddy. Tagruato asks for her address. She hangs up on them. Tagruato calls her back. Again, she hangs up.

Edit: Transcript.

Jamie is the only person who speaks in the entire video. No voice is heard on phone.

"Hey prick."

"So guess what? I'm gonna play your little game and.... I'm gonna call "Tagagato", because it just so happens that my friend's boyfriend found the number for me. "

-Picks up phone-

-Starts to dial-

"So we're gonna call, and we're gonna see who really stole you."


"It's about a million numbers, probably costs me a fortune, but guess what, you're worth it aren't you?" [sarcasm]

-Continues to dial-

-Phone ringing-

-Jamie sighs-

"Hi, can I speak to Teddy Hanssen?"

-Pause, person on other line talking, but can not be heard.-

"Can I speak to someone that speaks...American."

-Pause, same as above.-

"Oh, ok, you speak both. I'm looking for Teddy Hanssen.

-Pause, same as above.-

"Ok, thanks, I'll hold"

-Pause. Jamie mouths "I hate you" to camera.-

"Hi, I'm looking for Teddy Hanssen."


"This is Jamie Lascano."


"I'm calling from America."

-Pause, Jamie laughs-

"I'm not telling you my address."

-Jamie hangs up. Puts phone on bed-

"Surprise, surprise! They've never heard of you!"

-Jamie throws up her hands-

"You know what, I'm so sick of your games. This is the last video you're getting from me. I'm officially done."

-Phone rings. Jamie picks it up and looks at caller ID-

"Unknown number..."

-Jamie answers it-


-Pause. Again no voice from phone heard.-

"I don't speak....whatever."

-Jamie hangs up-

"Great. Thanks Teddy. Now they're calling me. Prick."

-Jamie shuts off camera-