Question(s) For Hypothetical Interview Of Drew Goddard, Matt Reeves, JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Amy Powell, Etc., AKA Puppet Master (PM) Of Your Choosing

Reading through the Matt Reeves interviews was a good time. However, while it was pretty clear--given the verbosity of his answers--that Matt wanted to talk about certain things, the questions themselves weren't really in-game. I also got the sense that Matt wasn't really equipped to field questions from the hardcore alternate reality players. That's not a criticism. Matt's job is the film itself. Still, there's some irony in the fact that the people reading those interviews the closest didn't have their questions asked. And while it's likely that the wrong people (entertainment reporters and sf/horror zine columnists) will continue to get the interviews, it's not beyond the realm of possibility that one or two or even a few of the PMs read Unfiction or one or more of the Cloverfield blogs (read: the alternate reality players). So for purposes of this exercise, pretend that you are interviewing your chosen PM(s) (i.e. the one(s) you suspect know(s) the answer(s) to your question(s)) and post your question(s) here.

The aim, other than to entertain ourselves, is to given the PMs something they want to talk about the next time they do an interview.

My questions:

-Would you describe the alternate reality internet campaign as a game or an experience or both? Or more generally, what do you hope the fans will get out of it?

-What's the story behind

-Are there any released clues or puzzles as yet unrecognized or unsolved such as on T.I.D.O. Wave?

-Aside from the unexpected size of the online response to the Teaser, have you been impressed and/or disappointed by the exploits of the fans online. Examples?

-What Cloverfield blogs or forums, if any, do you read?

-Are there more in-game websites waiting to be found?

-Continued in Unfiction...