Peter Konig

Read this post in Unfiction the other day and thought it was interesting.

starshiptrooper writes:

Doing a search on Tippett Studio's website gave me nothing about Cloverfield, so I started googling all TS employees, and found this:

Peter Konig has worked on over 30 feature films and contributed to over 50 next-generation video game titles. He has spent his career sculpting, designing, concepting, animating and art directing. He has played key roles in many film projects such as Dragonheart (Tippett Oscar nomination), Starship Troopers (Tippett Oscar nomination), Evolution, and Blade II among many others. Pete also recently created another dragon design for the just released film "Enchanted", and is Tippett's art director for the upcoming, top secret JJ Abrahms production "Cloverfield". (Don't bother asking anything about that one because he won't say a word!) Pete lives in Oakland, California. Drop a line and say howdy. or

Here's his profile from, a forum he posts on

And a link to his webpage:

There's several examples of his work in both pages, and one thing I know about people that do concept designs, is that they usually have a certain style they like to stick with. Could one of these designs be a "Concept MGP" or maybe the actual beast? There's a couple in there that fit what we think we know about MGP.