The Monsters On MySpace Are Back

But this time the Cloverfield Universe has unleashed a new weapon. Longtime readers of this blog know I'm not a longtime fan of MySpace, and while it makes sense that a bunch of twenty-somethings would still be using the MySpace accounts they created in high school to "chat" with one another, I honestly can't bring myself to go over there and learn to navigate their cluttered social network. Not that it would be difficult. I just have an aversion to the place. Anyway, Dennis--the hardest working Cloverfield blogger--knocked one out of the park as far as I'm concerned with this post. Now I can stay current with the character's MySpace accounts without actually having to go to MySpace. Thank you Dennis.

Of course, now I expect similar updates from this point forward. But that shouldn't be a problem for the hardest working Cloverfield blogger.