How To Read This Site

Hint: The "blog" aspect of this site is secondary. Instead, imagine this is the front page of a magazine about Cloverfield, and the two sidebars there on the right are where you can find the latest content.

If you're new to Cloverfield, the Neither Spurious Nor False, Jamie and Teddy and Character MySpace Pages are official movie sites (i.e. created/run by the movie makers). Get to know them since watching these sites for updates is what fans of Cloverfield do.

Below those three elements are a blogroll of Cloverfield blogs and feeds of their latest posts and comments. Think of these guys as this magazine's staff writers -- they've been hand picked and it's pretty much guaranteed that they'll be writing about the latest Cloverfield news.

To the far right are Boolean search feeds from Blogsearch (Google), Technorati, Google News, Bloglines and various bookmarking sites. They are in order of proven utility. That means, Blogsearch has proven the most consistent and fast when it comes to finding and listing posts and articles containing the key words. Technorati is second, and so on and so forth.

After that, swing by Unfiction for the best human powered Cloverfield filter.