A check of the leader board. I see two Cloverfield blogs: Clues (#4) and 1-18-08 (#5). Possibly others, but who can tell given some of the names. At #2, csshhmp? Looks like a one of those techheads I speculated about. My favorite bitch at this particular juncture, however, is that the usual suspects (harryknowles [AICN], /film, chud) are playing. Aren't these the same people that get the packages from Paramount, that have benefited from the knowing leaks, that attend early screenings anyway through their contacts? Dicks!

There should be a rule against them playing. But not really though. I understand perfectly that the game is designed to market the movie via the widget. That being the bottom line, who (at Paramount/Bad Robot) really cares whether the winners are also deserving in the altruistic sense. I didn't throw my hat into the ring because based on my traffic alone, it would have been futile. But now that the game is taking shape, I see that it really wasn't a contest for the hardcore fan/blogger/poster to begin with. Which is fine. Really. What I'm getting at is, while I'm clearly interested in pointing out the unfairness of it all, I'm absolutely not bent because of it. So don't get me wrong. The rich get richer, I know.