About the change in style. I've been stretched increasingly thin for some weeks now. Not complaining. Couple that with the ever increasing buzz in anticipation of the rapidly approaching release and . . . I started to drift. What I mean by that is, without the time to put an original spin on what I was posting, the redundancy of posting it in the face of all the other Cloverfield blogs posting exactly the same thing was getting hard to ignore. So the style change is my answer as I'm committed to seeing it through. Shorter, quicker posts, both to keep pace with the increased quantity of news, and as a stopgap to compensate for the failing search feeds (the increase in inexpert "chatter" is quickly outmoding their usefulness). The way I figure it, I have two last things to offer, a continuing interest (even fascination) and an expert eye. So, I'll do my best to show you what I see. Apologies if the new format is a bummer.