Herding Cats, Moving Not (Yet) Shaking

Apologies for the thin updates of late. I'm only one guy, and as I'll explain, I've been spread a bit thin. But first, a quick rundown of the in depth I've just been skimming.

Slusho! was on Heroes again last night. Cloverfield Clues has a thorough couple of posts on the topic, and Semidi--I like--calls it "product placement."

The Tagruato hack is history, but there's more to the hacker's art work than initially meets the eye. Both Cloverfield News and Cloverfield Clues have good posts on the subject.

ParafFUN recalled, and again, Dennis has capably put together a concise synopsis of the whatfor.

Finally, what's to blame for my failing the multitasker test? Tagruato Corp., or more accurately, The Effect. The idea behind the blog is as a place for the fans to play along with the fiction, or to put it another way, our attempted contribution to the Cloverfield universe. For the who, what, when, where and why, read the Unfiction thread that got the ball rolling.