Cloverfield Poll: Which is better, the Teaser or the Trailer?

Both are available here.

I won't get a chance to appreciate the Trailer in QuickTime until I go home to my Apple ready pc tonight (and so, will refrain from voting until then), but I've watched the Trailer enough times on YouTube to begin to question whether it cleared the bar set by the Teaser. That said, I'll be surprised if I vote for the Trailer.

Edit: Parallel poll in Unfiction...

Consider the graph below. It shows the popularity of the search terms "Cloverfield" and "1-18-08". Those spikes in early July were the result of the Teaser appearing before Transformers. The current up-tics are attributable to the Trailer appearing before Beowulf.

While it's still too early to call it, my money is on the Transformers/Teaser duo having the greater impact.

But there are a lot of other factors to contend with. For starters, Transformers' opening weekend take of $67.6 million dwarfs Beowulf's $28.1 million. However, Cloverfield's core demographic is better represented by Beowulf's audience, with Transformers being a more kid/family friendly flick. The result being, a higher percentage Beowulf's audience should have been interested in Cloverfield and looked it up on their computers. The Trailer also had the advantage of being highly anticipated whereas the Teaser was unexpected (read: people didn't go to see Transformers so they could see the Teaser, but plenty of people went to see Beowulf for no other reason than to see the Trailer).

Another interesting graphic will be the number of citations. It's still too early to tell, and to be honest my gut tells me there should be more citations given the "industry" that has built up to take advantage of the interest in Cloverfield, but the early readings suggest citations, like searches, won't match the buzz created by the Teaser back in July.

Not much else to add at this point other than to wonder aloud whether the Teaser will ultimately be the one piece of Cloverfield art worth remembering.