1-18-08 Is Dead, But Cloverfield Is A Lion

In a word, "Whoa!"

Note the "1-18-08" trend's failure to rise as it did back in July before the movie was given a proper titled (i.e. "Cloverfield"). In addition, the citations are up, significantly.

And based on the direction of the viral updates, a new trend worth watching.

Finally, Yahoo has taken notice.

Tip: I've been doing these Viral Trend updates for some time. If you click here, you'll be taken to the full list. With a few exceptions, I've embedded the url of the trend generating site in the graphs. That means, if you click on any of the graphs, you'll be taken to where I got the graph, and the site will generate a new, up to date graph. From there, you can input your own parameters--from changing the search terms to drilling down to specific time periods. Happy hunting.