What Do JJ Abrams' Fans Want?

TJ Miller thinks he knows.

Starpulse Exclusive: 'Carpooler's' TJ Miller Talks About JJ Abrams Role, ...

You've also got a role in this untitled JJ Abrams project.
Yes it is. I can't talk about it at all with you.

Will audiences get their fair share of T.J. Miller in this?
Audiences are going to get less than any share of T.J. Miller. They're going to get a fraction of what is considered a fair share of me. You will probably see my face for possibly 3 minutes and twenty-five seconds. It's possibly the weirdest situation I've been in. But you'll hear me, and I'll be present in the movie for the entire duration of the film.

Is that information that you are able to reveal?
Yeah, I think so. You can say that it's safe to say that because I'm behind the camera and you're going to hear a lot more of me than you're going to see. And you can get that from the preview. In the preview you don't see me at all, you just hear me. It's going to be crazy. It's going to be everything the JJ Abrams fan wants out of a movie and probably more.

Is it hard to keep a secret this big?
I'm not a guy who runs out and is like, "Look what happened to me!" But I think it's strange because in every other film, they want you to talk about it as much as you can. They just want people to be aware of it, and in this one I just got a call because I spoke to a PA who is on the trailer but isn't on the movie and I talked to her about the film in some bar and it got back to them. They said that this was a huge problem, "You can't go out drinking and talk about the movie." I didn't know she wasn't on it. They're furious about how secretive it is. Nobody can really confirm what is going on in the film. You just can't. It's even almost hard for me to confirm anything. I didn't get the script until after I signed onto the project, and even when I did get the script I wasn't told what was going on. It's a very strange project to work on.

What would happen if somehow it slipped out?
It's JJ Abrams. I'd never be able to work with him again or I would have to be in Mission Impossible: 4. Both of which are disconcerting to me.
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