Timing Is Everything

As you're no doubt aware (or will be), Mr. http://www.boldfutura.jp/ has been a busy bee. The site, as they call it in Unfiction, is OOG (Out Of Game)--and has been since soon after it was first discovered on September 8.

So why is this guy undeterred. Maybe because, from what I've heard, a .jp domain costs something like $100 to register (read: a lot). But more, whoever it is knows that not everyone following events online is an expert, and not all the experts are scrupulous. So while there's really no hope whatsoever that this game jack will ever earn legitimacy, the domain name itself will earn PageRank (and who knows, maybe he'll be able to turn around and sell it for more than his $100 investment).

So infamy is his game. Considering he'll enjoy more traffic, links, attention than, for example, this blog ever will, you can't really blame him for going over to the dark side. If nothing else, in a game as obscure as this, the small kindness of an update when we've come to expect one is what the game jacker gave us, which is more than can be said of the real producers.

The silver lining, however, might be that the real producers realized the error of their ways in releasing updates just before the weekend. After all, it's not like they're the Bush Administration.

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