Marking Time 1-18-08/Cloverfield Style

Today, Friday October 26, 2007, is a good day to watch for something new from known in-game sites. This advice brought to you by my gut, and the fact that the last two updates to known in-game sites (excluding jamieandteddy videos) were two weeks apart, and the last, two weeks ago. So keep an eye on Tagruato (I'm betting Headlines), Slusho (far right [contest] bubble) and of course (and the next in line pic_7.swf).

Otherwise, one thing I'll be looking for in light of the next in-your-face-clue will be whether what it reveals is something we could have/should have already found based on what's currently available to us. I just can't seem to shake the sense that we're not up to the maze JJ and Co. have built for us...

In site news (a lot of that this week), you've no doubt noted the countdown I added just below the header. It's set to zero out at 11:59 p.m. EST, 1-17-08. I've also added Snap Shots to the Boolean search feeds in the right sidebar -- both because those are the contents I exercise the least amount of control over; and because Snap Shots is better than it was; kinda cool; and in keeping with the overkill design ethic that dominates this particular blog--which (over-design) is one of the ways I mark time between clues.

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