A Couple New Viral Metrics For The Toolbox

I've added "Tagruato" as a key word to most of the searches, and will include it in this and future reports.

A graph from Technorati showing the number of posts from blogs in their directory making reference to, if not actually about, Cloverfield. Click on the image to go to the page.

Google Search Trend which tracks the number of searches. This particular metric, unlike the others, better reflects the other 99% of the online market, i.e. passive consumers. Again, clicking on the image will take you to Google Trends.

Edit: Playing around with Google Trends a bit more I hit on a few more instructive graphs. The first one I'd title "The Trouble With Dates", and the second "The Untitled [Eddy] Trend", 'cause my fame quotient could use the boost.

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