Rumor About a New 1-18-08 Trailer Showing Before Resident Evil: Extinction

That's 9.21.07

I'm of two schools of thought on this one. The first being we went through this with Stardust, and the second being Stardust, like Transformers, like 1-18-08, was a Paramount production whereas Resident Evil is from Sony Pictures. But I really don't know how the business of "trailer" space works, so it's possible and even likely that it's a lot more complicated than the individual studios simply hording or even entirely owning the lead-ins to their feature presentations. So, I'll perk up at the early reviews (read: screenings) of Resident Evil, but I'm certainly not on the edge of my seat until then.

p.s. 11.16.07

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Dennis said...

There was also speculation that it was going to be shown during the season finale of "On The Lot".

I kind of like the idea that there might be something Cloverfield-related on the Transformers DVD, which comes out on Oct 16.