Is There a Marketing Campaign?

Another Look at the Cloverfield - 1-18-08 - Slusho Trend

As you can see, there are two notable peaks. The first is the trailer's release with Transformers and the second is JJ Abrams appearance at Comic-Con (which coincided with a few other notable events). After that, it's been all downhill. I'd describe the current trend as tracking the path of a rubber ball that's lost its bounce, and is settling into a lazy, aimless roll.

Looking at it, I wistfully imagine the people behind the marketing of 1-18-08 are tracking similar indicators and will make some effort to invigorate the buzz before it falls completely off the radar. But then my thoughts return to earth and I can't help but surmise that, based on the chart above, there simply is no marketing campaign--viral or not--afoot. Put simply, marketing campaigns track up to a crescendo, not down to a whimper. For example, compare the tracking of other upcoming releases.


Aliens vs. Predator

While none of this is definitive nor exact, and it's true that there's still plenty of time to market 1-18-08, I do feel obligated to point out that the bulk of the marketing for this movie--and therefore the campaign--to date, has been done by people like me on blogs and in forums like this. Is that the definition of "Viral Marketing"? Maybe. But if that's the case, how very disappointing, both for the public, but primarily for the opportunists and enthusiasts such as myself. To be brutally honest, while I thought the trailer rocked, and I’m definitely a fan of the concept, the idea of catching the wave of interest generated by 1-18-08 and taking it for a ride, was and is the main impetus behind this blog... and now that wave has dwindled to little more than a ripple (see first graph, looks like the cross-section of a wave). While I'm paddling back out in the hopes of catching another ride, a bunch of the people who rode that initial wave with me have moved on. So whichever way you slice it, there's really no escaping the fact that someone could be doing a better job of it.

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