Cloverfield / 1-18-08 Trend, No Respect Version

What you don't know is I'm something of a former forum rat. In fact, I spent most of the last 7 years cutting my teeth as a poster in a forum. So, naturally, I still notice forums, AND, I notice still that forums don't get the respect they deserve. Case in point, Unfiction, and the simple fact that despite all the blogs and zines out there tracking JJ Abrams Untitled Project, Unfiction stands head and shoulders above the rest for both unearthing and unmasking the latest. With that understood, I notice Alexa's Traffic Details for Unfiction track up right in line with the July buzz created by the 1-18-08 trailer's premier, but by the end of August have crept back down to their pre-Cloverfield levels.

So props to Unfiction for proving that forums DO, do some things better than anyone else. And boo hiss to JJ Abrams and Co. for giving "viral" marketing campaigns a bad rep. You guys really are sucking at it.

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