The Case Against "Wreck"

1. Bloddy Disgusting reports, "I can pretty much guarantee that by us reporting this, it will either be denied or changed - again." Translated: The Untitled JJ Abrams Project will not be titled "Wreck"... period. As for it having ever been titled "Wreck" (or "Monstrous" for that matter), I can say categorically that because I say the movie will be titled "The Adversary", it will not be titled The Adversary. That's an exclusive by the way. Expect to read it on /film, ropeofsilicon, canmag, etc...

2. Paramount secures domains for its commonly named movies using the following formula: is already taken and remains available for anyone to purchase/secure.

3. It stands to reason that if you're going to go to all the trouble of creating a brand-new original monster, you'd do the effort justice and give it a brand-new original name. In other words, a string of characters that returns zero results when plugged into google.

4. For the sake of argument I could go on, but I could also have stopped halfway through #1.

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