1-18-08-truth.blogspot ("Truth") and 1-18-08news.com ("News")

I added Truth to the echo chamber last week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the setup here, the echo chamber is a blogroll of all the 1-18-08 blogs and forums that have added to the Cloverfield conversation, as well as a combined feed of both their posts and comments to their posts. See the middle sidebar. While the bar isn't high for inclusion in the echo chamber (I look to it for the latest, not necessarily the greatest), I do have some standards.

The first low that caused me to remove a blog from the echo chamber was reached by News who discovered that fake news presented as breaking news worked like a charm to drive up traffic. They found their niche, ...and I found them lacking.

A second, new low was reached yesterday, as a thoughtful emailer alerted me to Truth's plagiarism of Cloverfield Clues.

So Truth joins News as the only two blogs to be removed for the echo chamber for fraudulence and malfeasance. But it gets worse. As I noted when I added Truth to the echo chamber, he only linked to one other 1-18-08 blog, and that blog was News. Given the blog Truth reads and chooses to plagiarize is Cloverfield Clues and not News, it becomes pretty clear that a third low has been reached. Truth is nothing more than a sockpuppet of News. That is to say the liars behind News and the plagiarists behind Truth are one in the same.

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