1-18-08 Preempts 9/11!

Well, not really. In fact, today (September 11, 2007), is probably the one and only day between (last) July and January 18, 2008 when you can pretty much guarantee no official news on the 1-18-08/Cloverfield story will be released. But then again, imagine the bang for the buck (read: uproar) a fresh scene of NYC destruction would garner Cloverfield if released on this very special day... Alas, my money is on even monster movies observing this day of political correctness.

It does, however, make one wonder if the looming 9/11 anniversary has been playing a tempering role in the viral marketing campaign thus far, and now that 9/11 is here today (and gone tomorrow), might the real shock and awe phase of the campaign be just around the corner?

Wishful thinking, I know. I'm bored.

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