The Week after the Week that brought us Comic-Con, a Poster, a Quote and an expanded Slusho

On the heals of a suspenseful and fruitful week that culminated in the above, Mike is probably not alone in his critique of the state of the viral marketplace at the end of this week that just doesn't compare. He hypothesizes that there are no clues or leads hidden in either the Slusho or 1-18-08 websites because no one has found any, and he laments the rising tide of uninformed comment as the cloverfield virus inspires the lackluster musings of the passive hordes. Or something to that effect.

Contrary to Mike's perspective is that of the people running this campaign, who are faced with keeping it going for at least another 5 months, and ideally all the way to and through January 18, 2007. In that light, the idea that the clues should be easy to find and/or decipher or that we should expect hand-fed progress on a weekly basis seems somewhat unreasonable. More likely is that the people in charge of doling out puzzle pieces are going to err on the side of making the clues all but impossible to find, because making it too easy isn't a blunder you can undo, but making it too hard is easily remedied at the time and place of your choosing.

If there's criticism to be handed out (and lightly at that), it should be directed instead toward the informed sites whose attention this week has been almost entirely focused on unearthing and publicizing the flood of "spy" reports and footage that have dominated the week's coverage. Not that there's anything wrong with spies or reporting their findings. All's fair in viral marketing. But when you're focused on the spies, you're not focused on the game, but rather on outflanking the game, and likely because the game is getting the better of you.

Don’t give up on Slusho or 1-18-08 just yet, and don't be too quick to discount the fresh eyes and unprejudiced speculation of the inexpert mob either. And lastly, if you find yourself wondering why you care, go back and watch the trailer again.

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