A Grocery List of 1-18-08/Cloverfield Websites

If you follow the Untitled JJ Abrams Project working titles (key words) "Cloverfield" and "1-18-08" long enough, you get to know the online landscape. If you're just now reading about it, well, there are a few things you should probably know about the various purveyors of Cloverfield buzz. Here is my guided tour.

There are 4 categories of online news and speculation:

1. In Season. Or more commonly known as the msm (main stream media). The advantages of the msm are: 1) they have the largest and broadest market share and so are the likeliest to be blessed with exclusives; and 2) they cover broad topics and so don't have to resort to making up news in order to have something to report on. Cases in point are The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly.

2. Non-Perishables. Now some of the sites I'll list in this category could possibly qualify as msm (similar advantages), but, among other factors, I don't list them as msm because I don't think they'd describe themselves as part of the msm. The important factors that they do have in common with the msm are their longevity (they were here before the 1-18-08 trailer premiered and they won't skip a beat come January 18, 2008), a respectable size readership and a focus that isn't limited to the Cloverfield phenomenon. These sites include:

Ain't It Cool News
New York Entertainment

Note: Having monitored the "non-perishable" sites closely over the past 2 months, I've come to expect both the best and worse kind of reporting from them. Or to put it another way, while they clearly benefit from greater resources than some of the below and have the key advantage of a large readership, their editorial standards are flexible if you know what I'm saying.

3. Perishables. These are sites devoted exclusively to reporting on, discussing and chronicling 1-18-08. Some are free blogs, others are paid domains. Some are commercial and a dwindling number are not. These sites came into existence on the wave of interest generated by the trailer and their future reason for being is somewhat up in the air come January 18, 2008. They do have one advantage over the In Season and Non-Perishable sites though. They are run be people who know the topic inside and out, who are versed in the latest, who basically read everything they can find on the movie on a daily basis. They are, in short, the experts. The following have proven staying power:


4. Spoiled. I'm calling these sites Spoiled in keeping with the whole grocery list theme, but I could also describe them as purveyors of bullshit, hives of crackpottery, morons, scam artists, crack whores, etc., or just plain liars. They suck so bad I'm going to list them without links. Be warned, these people will supply you with headline after headline of concrete, confirmed, (!)breaking(!) news, and they'll get a lot of attention as a result. But what you'll really be getting from these sites is the rankest bs of the day served up with all the certitude and sensationalism they can muster. These sites exist for one purpose and one purpose only. To do and say whatever it takes to get as much traffic as possible.


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Drawer2000 said...

Thank you for not putting the link up for the 1-18-08news site.

That site is junk and a considered trash/gossip. All he does is make up stuff to drive traffic to his site.

Eddy said...

Hi Drawer: Congrats on the AICN linkage. As for dogging 1-18-08news.com, I'm afraid that any publicity, link or no, is doing him a favor. But, I'm weak. By the way, I saw you picked up the jjabrams.net contest. Maybe I'm off base, but my cursory look at those guys showed them to be bs artists too.