Cloverfield Spoiler Makes For Good Headline

Cloverfield - the Hindu theory offers a note of caution to Cloverfield fans, pointing to the Haas obsessed's letdown (and bad behavior) now that there's no doubt relates to a role-playing game and not a modern day messiah(?) Big difference being Cloverfield fans know it's about a movie going in, whereas the Haas stuff appears to have appealed, not to gamers, but to people in search of a modern-day apocalyptic sci-fi religion. So, different crowd.

Nevertheless, JJ Abrams history being the best predictor of the future at this point, you can expect to be delighted in the short run and somewhat disappointed or mildly frustrated in the long run. That translates to the here now being the good part (re: see first seasons of Alias, Lost), while the actual movie will probably be more like life (read: imperfect). Still, something "original" (in so far as a giant monster can be).

Lastly, it should be said (while it shouldn't need to be) that the trick of viral marketing is the elusiveness of the spoiler. For cloverfield sites* the 1-18-08 spoiler is the brass ring. So while none carry the spoiler alert, it's a safe bet that once the spoiler is found, they'll all rush to publish it.

*forums, blogs, investigative columnists, wikis, etc.

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