Cloverfield Clues Goes Commercial

I noticed Dennis added some AdSense to his blog last week. An unremarkable event except to my own peculiar sensibilities. My personal experience with trying to make money with ads is nil, but I know enough that, at best, you're lucky if those ads earn you a few pennies. The clutter just isn't worth it in my book unless you're getting thousands or tens of thousands of visits every day. I'm guessing, but I don't think even the most popular 1-18-08 blogs (of which Cloverfield Clues is one) are "averaging" that kind of traffic. I'll also mention--without naming names--that much of the advertising on the various 1-18-08 blogs is downright obtrusive in its placement, frequency and unsightliness. But hey, to each his own.

That said, I'm mentioning it now because Dennis has, as usual, outdone the competition. Specifically, have a look at this post. Yes, there is the AdSense in the sidebar, but can you find the rest of the advertising?

What can I say. I never thought I'd approve of advertising on a blog, but I have to hand it to Dennis. He's shown, once again, the rest of us how it's done.

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Dennis said...

Sort of a backhanded compliment I guess. I had a feeling that might ruffle your feathers. :)

The Amazon links were just an experiment. It's kind of neat that you can see it without clicking it, but I was hoping the cover shots would have been bigger, and I didn't want to put the actual covershots in the post.

Oh well... I hope you don't think I'm a total sellout :) I certainly don't want to clutter up my site like many others do. The WORST is when there are ads between every post. YUCK!

BTW, I do get thousands of hits per day...

Eddy said...

Wow, thousands. Not that you don't deserve them, I just didn't think there were that many people interested in following the hype. It was a compliment by the way. And I certainly don't have a problem with people selling out, just as long as it's for the right price. You've certainly put in a lot of "work".

Being prickly is, I guess, in my nature.


Dennis said...

Hey - that Snap thing is awesome! Thanks.

Look for it soon in a new post :)