1.18.08 Flickr Pool (Cloverfield Side Show)

I've created a 1.18.08 Group on Flickr. The idea is to upload all the 1-18-08 images from around the web so they can be found in one place, and so they can be displayed in a slide show, which is kinda cool.

I'm a bit of a Flickr novice--so there may be some bugs still to work out--but I've opted to try the "group" approach on the off chance there are others interest in creating a 1-18-08 image pool.

Update: The "group" thing didn't seem to be working, so I've changed it to a slide show of my Flickr account for the time being.

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Eddy said...


1. Get a Flickr Account.

2. Join 1.18.08.

3. Save images from around the web to your computer (right click on them and select "Save Picture As...").

4. Upload images to your Flickr account.

5. Describe your photo, and assign attribution in the form of a link: <a href="urlofsource">url of source</a>

6. Click on tab: Organize. Select: All your photos.

7. Click on tab: Groups. Select: 1.18.08.

8. Drag your uploaded images (at the bottom) into the pool.