1-18-08 Trending Static Suggests Web's Limited Reach

One look at the trends and you'd think there hasn't been a notable "event" since JJ Abrams appearance at Comic-Con and prior to that, the 1-18-08 trailer making its debut in front of Transformers. But that laymen's view of the trend would be incorrect. The fact is a lot has happened over the last month. Slusho.jp has been updated at least twice and so has 1-18-08.com. There have been countless spy reports from various shooting locations as well as a leaked call sheet and dueling sources emailing plot and monster details to their favorite sites. The list goes on. So why is the trend, if anything, going down? I think it has to do with the lack of progress, as opposed to stuff, and it also suggests to me that there are limits to the internet's reach. Put the same "1-18-08" trailer in front of a newly released movie today and the trend will spike up again. Not everyone saw Transformers, and not everyone runs in the virtual circles where the Cloverfield buzz has taken hold.

Makes me wonder aloud whether it's even reasonable to expect Abrams and Co. to make it possible for the web based community to solve the mystery. Why would they when they could make a bigger splash (in front of a larger and more diverse audience) by solving the next piece of the puzzle themselves in the next trailer?

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