1-18-08 Isn't For Geeks or Nerds According to Leaks

Having sat on this post for a day, I'm going to tone it down a bit. This is first the post where I make a note of /film's leak buster report.

Last week DreadCentral reported a rumor from an e-mail spy that claimed to know the identity of the Cloverfield / 1-18-08 / Overnight monster(s).

According to “Mr. Slusho”, much of the movie will revolve around the characters fleeing for their lives, not from the big one stomping the city, but from the “raptor-like” smaller versions hunting them down.
We didn’t publish the report because our sources told us not to run with it. We have now verified with a second source that the report is completely untrue. We love DreadCentral. They have had some good scoops in the past, but this appears to not be one of them. Both of my trusted sources have assured me that raptor like creatures are meant to be in dinosaur movies, and not 1-18-08. So fear not, Cloverfield will not be a repeat of the often mocked American Godzilla film.
Second--and this is the part I've toned down--this post is where I document a notable increase in my own sense of futility. Both I, and some dozens like me, have devoted sites to 1-18-08. Uncounted others have participated exhaustively in uncounted forums and venues. These people, these little people (myself included), are not helped by /film's article above. Rather, we're left scratching our heads as to why a site with /film's connections would waste its time and favors dispelling "raptor like"? You see, the devil is in the details. /film's report does not specifically say the little monsters rumor is false. All it says is raptor like are for dinosaur movies and not 1-18-08. Great, but to be honest, the likeness of little suckers (read: my name for pintsize monsters) wasn't even a source of concern. It was confirmation of their very existence and how that confirmation lent its weight to other rumored "inside information" which also made reference to little suckers.

So /film, do you really think anyone was worried 1-18-08 was going to be a repeat of American Godzilla? Because to be honest, I wasn't worried about that particular brand of suck. Rather, my concern is little suckers portends a whole new kind of suck.

/film, AICN, other connected media types, do the little people (the ones paying attention but being ignored) a favor--do your homework so you can put your sources to good use. In the interum, here is a good question for you to ask:
Is there more than 1 monster?
While the answer to that question wouldn't give much away in terms of the plot, that same answer would lay to waste at least half of the fan fiction masquerading as leaked insider info.

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